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Company Profile

Shantou Xinli Can Making Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 1997 (formerly Shantou City Shengping District letter canning equipment factory), is a professional manufacturer of canning equipment, has a long canning equipment design, manufacturing experience, its equipment Professional for tinplate production, and now professional design and manufacture of fully automated, first-class quality cans. Tinplate cans production line is currently widely used in domestic and foreign food, beverage, chemical, oil and other industries.

DODO-S series of automatic resistance welding tank welding machine is the company's representative products. Automatic resistance welding body welding machine is a three-piece tinplate production line of the core components, is the tank body forming, lap, welding key position. The series of products at home and abroad by the majority of users love, products sold all over the country and abroad. At present, the series of automatic resistance welding body production line maximum production rate of 600 cans / min or more.
  The company has a number of outstanding professional engineering and technical personnel, technology development capability, manufacturing experience. We continue to blaze new trails, towards a more high-speed, more stable, more automated direction, and in accordance with the requirements of customers customized high-quality special equipment. Now has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification system certification, and has a number of invention patents.

The company has a sound service system, from new product development, pre-sale technical advice to the after-sale tracking maintenance, to ensure that the quality of first-class, so that customers buy Shuxin, reliable use. Now a large number of equipment put in the domestic and foreign markets, its excellent quality won the majority of users praise. Excellent after-sales service is to make us in the industry enjoy a good reputation.

The company welcomes friends from all over the world come to visit the cooperation, we will be happy to serve you.